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Esoteric Writing, Researches and Papers Delivered



Several of my papers, some originally delivered within the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia (The Masonic Rosicrucian Society to which all the founders of the Golden Dawn belonged) and a miscelleny of others including to the London temple of the HOGD are available here. The papers have perviously only been available to members and a few reprinted in a journal of the Ordre Martiniste S.I. I have considered carefully whether I have broken any promise to keep confidential information gained from my membership of the SRIA the Martinists or the GD. These are five papers setting out my own thoughts. To understand one you may need to know something about the Kabbalah, but that isn't confidential (and I learned about it long before I joined tany of the orders mentioned.) Another describes some experiments undertaken by a study group, but that isn't confidential either. Others involve well documented information readily available elsewhere ... I share with you my concept of reality here, not anything secret!


The Holographic Universe and the Otz Chi'im

Some leading quantum physists see the universe as a Hologrphic projection. The paper looks at their reasoning and compares the way in which this view of reality fits with the traditional views held by the Western Mystery Tradition.

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Psionics, Adepts and Techno-Shamans

A look at what recent research and thinking (the last 20 years or so) has discovered about psionics and remote viewing, how this has impacted on 'New Age' ideas and how it relates to the traditional teaching of the MysteryTradition.

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Crystals, Gems and Psionics

This is a report on some experiments (neither scientically conclusive nor definative) done at the Metropolitan Study Group of the Societas Rosicruciana in 1999 and the rationale behind them. The paper looks at why the results might have showed the trends they did.

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Adepts, Mystics and Quantum Physists

This paper was central to the annual Meeting of the Province of East Anglia of the Societas Rosicruciana in 2000 (a rather longer version was given to the Metropolitan Study Group and a shorter version appeared in the OMSI Journal.) The theme is the way in which quantum physics is steadily towards the views taught by the ancient wisdom we study.


The Origins of the Pentagram & Hexagram

A stunning astronomical discovery (unfortunately not mine, but not widely known) which cannot fail to change the way we think about the history of the Western Mystery Tradition and the history of human civilisation.

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Tom Lethbridge - Dowsing & Reality

Tom Lethbridge found through dowsing what Karl Pribram found through Neuropsychology and David Bohm found through Quantum Physics and the Western Mystery Tradition has always asserted.

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Seven for the Seven Stars in the Sky

Did a comet break into seven pieces and smash into the earth at the end of the ice age, just Shoemaker-Levy smashed into Jupiter in 1995? From the Book of Enoch the Prophet to modern geological research!

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Touching the Hologram

Every part of a Hologram is contained in every part of the negative. If the universe is basically holographic in nature WE contain every part of creation within us - are psi skills no more and no less than ways of touching the Hologram?

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Alfonso the Wise/Alfonso el Sabio

Alfonso X the King of Leon & Castlie in the 13th century sponsored the translation of many Greek works from Arabic into Latin, thus making the Renaissance possible.

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The Nature of Sacrifice

Why were the great stone cities of Central America - Mayan, Aztec etc - without walls? Is capturing enemy soldiers alive to kill them as a sacrifice and worse than just killing them?

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Myth in the 21st Century

The human race needs myths to interpret the creation and our place in it: our problems today spring from assumin that unstoppable progress is a 'fact' when it is really a perception ... a myth. We need new and non-destructive myths for the 21st century.