Mike Crowson

Occult or Esoteric Consultancy



It is difficult to find anyone to help you with occult problems. At one time there was an occult consultancy on the web, to which I directed enquirers. That's gone now. There are plenty of people with titles or status or reputations - some of them, let me hasten to add, genuinely earned. Not all, however. As I have said elsewhere, I don't have students of any kind and I won't undertake any occult, esoteric or healing activity for personal financial reward. What I will do is offer limited help for a donation (amount of your choice) to a charity of your choice, as far as my time allows.

First let me make it clear what I won't do.

1. I won't help you harm anyone, directly or indirectly, by commission or omission;

2. I won't advise you in any ritual or magical shortcuts - you must go through the learning process with an esoteric group and they will decide when you're ready to advance. If the group is genuine and honest, you will be told what is within your capability and the limits of your knowledge and you will be able to depend on that.

3. I won't do any kind of divinatory reading for you - Geomancy, Tarot, Astrological, Scrying or whatever. There are plenty of sites on the web offering these services and anyway I can't afford the time it would take to do it for properly for free and I adhere to the old Rosicrucian practice - "... to offer healing and that gratis" - I won't charge for my time - I simply ask you to make a donation of your choice direct to a charity of your choice.

4. I won't intefere with psychological illness or problems arising from drug addiction - these areas are better dealt with medically. (Or, at least, by someone who knows what they are doing and with back-up resources.)

5. I won't act for another person's benefit without their agreement.


What I will help with (if I can)


1. If you got into difficulties dabbling where you shouldn't, or by accidently unleashing something you can't control or get rid of;

2. Occult self-defence (remember Dion Fortune's advice - that the first thing to consider is paranoia on your own part!);

3. Problems with significant evidence of an occult origin.


If you still think I can help and your problem falls within what I will do, you might like to go on to the next page: Click HERE for more help