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Having come this far you must be either very curious, determined to make trouble for me


genuinely in search of help

- on the assumption that your need is genuine, I will trust with some details about me



About me (Mike):

I was initiated into Freemasonry in 1970 in Western Canada and soon after I began my long search for what you might call 'enlightenment', and for an occult understanding: I value knowledge for its own sake and there's no rest for the curious (as someone once said to me). I was for a time a member of AMORC, studied with Society of the Inner Light (without joining) and ran a Lodge for another Order for a short time. I was National Secretary of the UK Ecology Party (later the UK Green Party) in the 1980s and then went on several retreats with a view to the priesthood. It all came to a stop when I had a variety of brain tumour and had to retire from teaching.

I joined the Martinist Order and subsequently the Martinist inner order, the Elus Kohens. I joined the Societas Rosicruciana in Anglia and worked my way through to the inner 2nd Order, in due time reaching the 3rd Order , though I am no longer active in them. I have also 'seen the Golden Dawn' and reacher the inner order there too.

I hold very few offices and have little interest in position, power or status (for one thing, my health does not allow it for another I'm well into my 70s now.) You may well find people better qualified than me or whose 'status' or 'rank' is more impressive - but if they are genuine they may be busy people.

I am a practising Christian because I believe that beliefs and standards are necessary (though many of my beliefs would make fellow Christians cringe and would have got me burned at the stake in earlier days). Every religion offers its believers some spark of the same eternal truths and it is a matter of obligation that we accept without question the right of any individual to follow his or her own path to their God (or Goddess), as long as it gives the same right to very other individual.

About my 'world view':

I mention this, not because I think it is important in itself (it isn't) but you need to know where I'm coming from before trusting me with your problems.

You could sum up my views (if you haven't gathered them from elsewhere on this site) by reading any of these 4 books (preferably all 4 of them):

All 4 are cheap, easily readable, scientifically based paperbacks on the nature of reality. You could also look at these websites:

Princeton university engineering faculty anompolies research  

I think I'm open minded but with a tendency to be sceptical, ready to believe when I see evidence, but not too gullible. For example, I accept that some people see 'ghosts', but I never have and in the only remotely 'ghostly' experience I have had I found the scientific explanation. I was staying at my brother's quite old house and woke suddenly in the small hours to hear 'heavy breathing', My first thought was that his dog was in the bedroom. I switched on the light and looked around, but there was no dog and the door was firmly shut. I switched off the light and lay down - I heard more rhythmical, heavy breathing. I sat up and established that I could only hear the sound when lying down. I switched on the light and examined the bed with care. I found an electric alarm clock had fallen from the wide window ledge (the 'thud' of the falling clock had probably wakened me).The clock was lying against a hollow tubular bedframe and the slight whirring of the motor of the elderly clock was being amplified by the hollow bed-frame and transmitted through the interior springs. I replaced the clock and the ghostly experience ended. (Except that I don't know what made the clock fall in the first place!) Don't be put off by any initial probing around I may do!

About my Education:

What does it matter? To prove to you that I'm not illiterate, perhaps. If you skipped down to this point, there may not be that much future between us.

I left school in England at 16 with 'O' Levels, did a number of jobs, did a Cert. Ed. and taught in England and Canada, took a BA from the University of Alberta, Canada and a M.Phil. from Bradford (UK) University. I qualified as a member of Mensa but was never active and I have several certificates from the Institute of Linguists.

Where do I live?:

Since we're going to have contact by e-mail it doesn't much matter, but I've indicated elsewhere that I'd meet visitors to my website who live around London, so it's not a secret that I live in north London (England, that is). I'm registered partially sighted now and don't drive any more.

What are my terms?:

I do not charge for my time - ever. However, when I help someone there is an exchange of psychic energy so you must do your part in the exchange. I ask you to consider what the amount of time I spend means in financial terms to you and give that amount direct to a charity of your choice. You decide how much to give - I get nothing. In return you must realise that my health is not brilliant and I write for a living. I will always help those I agree to help, as quickly and efficiently as I can, but you must always be patient. Occasionally the help you need may incur me in actual costs. I will never incur any expense without your prior agreement, but I may have to ask for actual costs I pay out.


Okay, now we come to the tricky part. You must decide whether you think you are under deliberate occult attack or have unleashed something by dabbling where you were unwise to dabble. (I'll decide later whether I agree!)


Something You have unleashed


Have you read The Wizard of Earthsea by Ursula Le Guin? In that story, Ged is training in magic. He over-reaches himself and allows something to pass through into this world. 'It" hunts him to the ends of the Earth, until he realises that "it" is his own dark side and turns round to hunt it down and control it by re-absorbing "it" into himself. It is a truism that your own dark side is the source of much of the evil that posseses (or tries to possess) you. You must recognise and master your own faults.


In the days when I was first seeking knowledge I read several books of rituals and correspondences and tried several time to invoke various powers, really for no other reason than to see what would happen. On one occasion I tried to invoke one of the voodoo 'saints'. I cringe now to think what I was doing. (Mountaineering without being roped to another climber, perhaps, or sailing alone without wearing a life jacket?). I partially succeeded in the invocation and was 'haunted' for 2 or 3 weeks by spiders, particularly green ones. I'd dream them, real ones would drop around me from trees or buildings on threads and I'd see them (real or imagined) scuttling across the floor. These were not particularly threatening and the consequences could have been much worse. I don't actually like big hairy ones but I don't mind small ones, even when they're actually on me ... but it did teach me: never invoke any power without a very good and entirely legitimate reason.

For the merely curious who have read this far can I say, I don't condone 'dabbling' (though I forgive the over enthusiastic), but if you do find yourself doing a ritual and bringing something undesirable into even subjective manifestation, carefully banish it before you pack up. If you don't understand this advice then don't 'dabble'.


Under Occult Attack

Are you sure you aren't just being paranoid?. It easy to wake suddenly from a vivid and unpleasant dream in the dark small hours of the morning and imagine you are under occult attack. What is your evidence?

I was 'on loan' to an examination board and staying in a hotel in a strange city. I woke up in absolute darkness in the small hours, uncertain why I woke but thirsty. I sat up in bed and got out, intending to get a drink ... and triggered such an amazing bout of total dizziness that I fell over. It felt as if something black and furry was bursting inside my head. I lay sweating in the darkness - but it wasn't an occult attack: if it had been I wouldn't have needed 2 major operations for a brain tumour and been left partially sighted and forced to retire early from teaching!

If you have ruled out everything else in your own mind and you can convince me there is a genuine psychic or occult origin to your problem, then I may well be able to help and you are invited to contact me.