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Most of the links listed in the text of my various pages appear here, along with some others you may be interested in.

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The University of Alberta website (Where I did my BA)
The UK Green Party (I was Party Agent, later the Party Secretary in the early 80s)
The University of Bradford (Where I did my M.Phil)

My other website advertising my Books - Novels, Short Stiories.


Esoteric Orders & Organisations  
Builders of the Adytum www.bota.org
Golden Dawn: Individuals & Independent Groups

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn

Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn London Temple www.hermeticgoldendawnlondon.org.uk
Esoteric Order of the Golden Dawn www.esotericgoldendawn.com
Martinist Order of Unknown Philosophers www.moup.org
Society of the Inner Light www.innerlight.org.uk
SRIA Official Site http://www.sria.info/
Abode of the Lion (UK) www.abodeofthelionuk.org.uk


Sites (&individuals) of Interest
Alex Summner http://solascendans.com/
Keith Magnay Astrology http://www.incarnationhealing.com
12th Ray Mystery School http://www.7thmysteryschool.com
Institute for Hermetic Studies www.hermeticinsitute.org
Harry Wendrich Esoteric Art


Toltec Shamnism (Jo Crowson) http://www.casagaia.co.uk/
Scorch's Pyrography (Pyrography by Commision) www.scorchpyro.co.uk
Mike Crowson's Books and Other Writing www.mikecrowson.org.uk
University of Alberta www.ualberta.ca

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